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Work with your Vico (Virtual Company) like a real company – but without financial risk and complex administrations.

Become a Vico
Major projects from renowned customers
We provide you with projects at no cost - you take care of the realization of the project.
Personal growth with your team
Work as you would in your own company, with people from your network.
No administrative effort, no risk
Our Vicoland platform supports you from onboarding of your team members to project planning and invoicing - without cost or risk.
Your checklist to­ become a Vico:
Become a Vico
  • You are self-employed and work in marketing, IT or consulting?
  • You have a good network and maybe already made use of it during your projects?
  • You want to realize more comprehensive projects as part or head of your own Vico than you might be able to as an individual freelancer?
Become a Vico
”Vicoland enables me to work on more interesting and larger projects as part of a team that I already knew from previous shared projects.”
Alen Osmanovic, Back-End-Expert Vico Ninja Devs

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The Vicoland platform supports you throughout the entire project - from contracts to project planning and invoicing.
Frequently asked questions
What is a Vico?
A Vico (Virtual Company) is a form of organization that allows teams of freelance experts to act like actual companies with several employees. This allows them to take on and implement large projects from prestigious clients.
What does it take to start a Vico?
A Vico consists of a team of experts from different, complementary backgrounds, e.g. a backend developer, designer, frontend developer and project manager (= team lead). It's completely up to you which constellation you find useful based on your experience. The onboarding of your team members is easily done via the Vicoland platform, which allows you to set up your Vico without any bureaucratic hassles.

If you don't have an existing network with which you can register as a Vico, you are welcome to register anyway. We will connect you with other Vicos for suitable projects.
What is the Vicoland platform for?
The Vicoland platform supports you and your Vico at every step: from the onboarding of your team members to showcasing the services you offer. From the generation of your offers to the conclusion of contracts with customers and team members. From project management including the transfer of task items to PM systems to automatic invoicing and payment by the customer for all team members.
How much does it cost to have a Vico?
There are zero costs for you and your team. Compared to founding a company, you save all costs for the foundation and operation, marketing and sales, the organizational effort around offers, contracts, project management and invoicing.

Even for your projects you do not have to pay any fees. In case you are wondering how Vicoland is going to finance itself: We receive 9.4% commission on the order value from all customers.
Can only freelancers sign up as a Vico?
You can also sign up as a Vico with your existing business. Vicoland will then enable you to find other subject matter experts that can support your core team on various missions. You can scale your team without the risk and investment of full time employees.
What about the risk of false self-employment?
The infrastructure that Vicoland offers follows a specific way of working, which is consistently designed to comply with the relevant regulations to avoid false self-employment.
> It is the job of the Vico to develop the structure of the project, distribute the tasks and coordinate the schedules and financial conditions. This self-management is automatically documented by the work packages on the platform and is thus legally secure.
> Furthermore, the client only has a contractual relationship with one general contractor, and not with the other Vico members, which speaks in favor of the legitimate independence of the Vico members.
> Another indication is that payment at Vicoland is made only after acceptance of delivered milestones or projects.
What is Vicoland's role?
Vicoland provides the infrastructure for setting up a Vico and handling projects. It acts as an intermediary between a Vico and its customers. Vicoland keeps this position not only until the start of the project, but also beyond. In this way, Vicoland stands by all parties as a mediator in the event of problems.
As a Vico, do you have a contact person at Vicoland?
Our Vicoland Consulting Service is available at any time via

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