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Transforming professional services through a new type of supplier - the Vico

Introducing Virtual Companies

We are revolutionizing the professional service industry by introducing a new type of service provider called Vicos. They are an alternative to traditional professional service firms such as consultancies, agencies, and system integrators.

Vicos stand out for their quality and efficiency. The quality stems from greater flexibility compared to traditional providers, allowing us to deploy the best experts for each project. The efficiency comes from Vicos having no overhead, which means no unproductive costs that customers have to bear.

How does it all work? Through our innovative organizational form called “Vico,” which stands for Virtual Company. The virtual companies of Vicoland are specially assembled teams of freelance experts. What’s special about them? With Vicos, customers can work just like they would with traditional companies: one contract per project, centralized project management, and billing, regardless of the team size or project complexity.

Fundamental to this is our digital platform, which allows Vicos to organize themselves sustainably and collaborate with customers, including direct integration with their procurement systems, if desired. Equally important is our Vicoland Consulting Service, where our experts personally support customers in selecting and working with Vicos in their respective fields.

The key to the success of Vicos is that everyone wins. Customers receive projects delivered better and more cost-efficiently. The members of virtual companies engage in exciting projects within teams where they know and appreciate each other.

Facts & Figures
More than 10,000 freelancers in over 650 Vicos from 73 countries.
More than 100 Clients with over 1,000 completed projects.
40 employees from over 19 nations

Shaping the future of team based work

We are a diverse, multicultural team from over 19 countries. We want to achieve great things and believe that today’s business world needs a new, better and more efficient professional services offering.

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